My Day in Warner Robins, GA


Since I did not know anyone from Warner Robins, GA, I decided to find some information at the Robins Regional Chamber before beginning my day exploring the city. Ultimately, as a supporter of the military and a proud American, I made up my mind to start my day with a history lesson about aviation.

The Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins is owned by the United States Air Force and is adjacent to the Air Force base. While the museum had different types of airplanes on display from several generations, there was also an emphasis on historical items from the military in general. I came away from this experience with a wealth of knowledge that I was not expecting to gain from this trip. I discovered that I was not the only one so interested in the history when someone told me that this museum represents the largest tourist attraction in Georgia that is not located in Atlanta.

Next, as an avid sports fan, I made up my mind that I had to see Warner Robins High School. I was already aware of the rich history of state championships won by the sports team at this school. To see with my own eyes the football stadium where the four-time state champions play was an experience that I will never forget.


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